AVG Family Safety® helps your family make the right choices online.

The AVG Family Safety app is a free, secure, family-friendly mobile web browser, which helps protect your children from inappropriate websites, while also protecting your whole family from scam, fraud, phishing and potentially malicious online content. The Do Not Track feature helps you identify which websites are collecting data on your online activities and gives you the choice whether to allow it.

AVG Family Safety comes on top of the built-in mobile security provided by Apple for your iOS device. It will block sites that you may not wish your children to see when they are surfing the Web on an iPhone®, iPod® Touch, or iPad®, and also helps prevent your family visiting malicious websites that try to misuse personal data.

By downloading and using AVG Family Safety’s secure mobile browser, as an alternative to the default browser, you can take steps to ensure:

You and your family only visit safe websites. Websites that are known to be malicious or contain scams or malware will be blocked, using data provided by AVG’s Linkscanner® technology. You will be notified and prevented from accessing the rogue site.

Your children are unable to access mature and inappropriate content. Sites that are deemed inappropriate will be blocked, with the category displayed on screen.

AVG Do Not Track

AVG has added Do Not Track to AVG Family Safety for iOS, which helps you identify which websites are collecting data on you and your family when you use an iPhone® or iPad®, and gives you control over whether to allow tracking of your family’s online activities.

AVG Family Safety works just like other mobile web browsers, and features:

  • Browser history of websites visited
  • Bookmarks for favorite websites
  • Address bar that hides to maximize screen space
  • Works with WiFi and mobile data Internet connections

When you use AVG Family Safety in conjunction with the AVG Family Safety® PC desktop product, you will also be able to:

  • Easily customize the list of allowed and blocked sites
  • Monitor the online activity of the different users of your Apple device/s
  • Block social networking and other sites (per mobile device)

The AVG Family Safety® desktop PC software can be downloaded from here.
In order to best protect you and your family, we recommend locking the use of the default browser. The easy 3 simple step instructions on how to do this can be found on our FAQ pagehere.

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Languages supported: English, Spanish, Czech, Italian and French.
Devices supported: iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch.
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