How much are you really sharing online?

Download AVG PrivacyFix™ and find out!


Facebook, Google and more than a thousand other companies
collect data about you online. Until now there has been no easy way

to understand and control data collection. AVG PrivacyFix checks
your privacy exposure on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, and with
one click, takes you to settings where you can fix it. Block over 1,200

trackers from following your movements online. See which websites
reserve the right to sell your personal data and easily request that t
hey delete what they hold on you. Get alerted to privacy risks as
you visit sites and know when policies change.

And because we no longer live our digital lives just on a PC, you can
download the apps and manage your privacy on your mobile and tablet too.

Download it now, we bet you’ll be surprised!


What's inside?

Whatever social network or browser you use, see what we can do for you


                      Facebook                                Makes Facebook as private as you want it to be
                                                                                                Control how you appear in search results
                                                                                                Stop Facebook from tracking you on other sites
                                                                                                Find out what you’re worth to Facebook
                                                                                                Be alerted whenever privacy settings change
                                                                                                Review and cancel old Facebook app permissions    

                       Linkedln                                 Review key privacy settings
                                                                                                 See if people know when you’ve viewed their

                       Google                                   Control what Google collects about you
                                                                                                See what your Google searches are worth

                      Websites                                See which websites may be sharing your email
                                                                                                 Get privacy warnings as you visit websites 

                  Tracking                           See and stop whoever is tracking you online
                                                                                                 Block mobile tracking over WiFi from your Android™ device


It's super easy!

Just hit the button

...and you’ll get the right download for your browser (or you will get 

redirected to proper store for your app). Or if we don’t recognise it for

some reason, then choose from either Firefox, Chrome, Android or iOS.

We’ll be adding more soon.


1. Download AVG                                     2. Explore the settings it                         3. Login to your social

     PrivacyFix for free                                  immediately recognises                         networks through the

                                                                              and start fixing what                               dashboard and we’ll update

                                                                              you don’t like.                                            things you so you can fix

                                                                                                                                                       those too. Have Fun!



Available for FREE for Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS


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