Benefits available to registered customers 24/7 Technical Support is available only to registered customers. The correct registration information ensures that we are able to assist registered customers in cases where a license number is lost, forgotten or stolen, or another license number or account support is required. The online registration tool is available for you, if you have:

Purchased your License Number other than through our Online Store (for example from your AVG Authorized Reseller). Received a Sales Number (you must register your Sales Number to receive your License Number.)
The data provided by you is confidential and will not be disclosed under any circumstances to any third party, without your express permission, or a court order. AVG KENYA will not send any unsolicited information or material to you.

License Number Advisor
Licensing Model
License duration:
AVG supports Licenses defined by a set period of time. The standard license duration is 2 years, as opposed to the typical 1 year offered by competitors.
Also, in some areas, OEM AVG licenses may be bundled together with new computers: the license duration of these OEM licenses is 1 year.
During the valid license period, customers receive:
all virus and spyware database updates
all program updates released during the license period
technical support (24/7) via e-mail
License registration:
It is highly recommended that you register your AVG License Number. Registration is quick and easy and offers many benefits. Register with your AVG Authorized Reseller or online. Note that customers purchasing AVG through the AVG Online Store are automatically registered at the time of their purchase. Only registered customers are able to:
receive discounted renewals of their AVG licenses
add licenses for additional computers
receive the Virus alert newsletter
receive help with restoring their licenses if they are lost, etc.

sales number:

Some customers may have received a "Sales Number" with their purchase of AVG. Sales Numbers are valid for 30 days from the date of installation and must be registered in order to receive the corresponding License Number with the full license duration. Register your AVG Sales Number online.
Trial License:
Trial Numbers are valid for 30 days from the date of installation.

Both Sales and Trial Numbers support the full functionality of AVG! After installing AVG with a Sales or Trial Number, it is not necessary to re-install when you receive your full License Number - simply use the "re-activate" button in the License Component of AVG Control Center to enter your License Number.
EDU / Charity / Government
AVG is proud of our long-standing record and commitment to supporting schools, charities, and government organizations, which are typically under tight budg et constraints, by offering discounts on our AVG products.

The discount offered is at AVG's discretion, depending on the type of organization. Proof of status is required from the organization and will be verified by AVG. 
Discounts can be requested by the following:
Schools, colleges and universities
Charitable organizations
Municipal and government organizations

In order to be considered for a discount, an authorized person at the organization must complete our Discount Application Form. Kindly complete the appropriate application form in its entirety and submit according to the instructions at the bottom of the form.

The process is as follows:

  • Please fill out the Discount Application Form and submit it.
  • Upon receipt of payment by the organization, the AVG License is emailed to the contact at the organization.
  • The AVG License includes all program and database updates and full technical support for the license duration.

 If you are in contact with any of our authorised resellers / distributors / partners, please feel free to contact them directly. They will be pleased to answer all your questions and help you select the best solution for your computer.

AVG feels it is an obligation for corporations to give back to the community and hopes our efforts will benefit these organizations that have made such a huge impact on our communities. If you have any questions, please contact our Sales Support.